Immigration Services

The San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium has several partners who provide immigration services throughout San Diego County. These partners provide services including education on different forms of relief, one-on-one consultations, deportation defense, and application assistance.  

SDIRC partners also work together during emergencies to make certain that immigrant communities are able to get the help they need. In the past, SDIRC partners have helped provide assistance during wildfires, have assisted unaccompanied minors who have arrived at our border, and have worked together to provide shelter and other resources for multiple groups of asylum seekers who have come to the Southern Border over the years, including Haitian earthquake survivors in 2016 and the Central American caravan in 2018.   

Additionally, SDIRC also runs a bond fund, the Borderlands Get Free Fund, to help San Diego and Imperial County residents and those who are detained in our region get out of immigrant detention. If you or a loved one is in immigration detention in San Diego or Imperial Counties and would like to apply for a bond, please click here!