On March 5th ‘Deadline,’ Dreamers in San Diego Continue to Live in Limbo

San Diego, CA - Today is President Trump’s artificial deadline to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which has left about 40,000 Border Dreamers in San Diego County -- and more than 800,000 young immigrants nationwide -- living in fear and uncertainty.

Since Trump announced the end of the program in September of 2017, thousands have lost their status and many more are unable to apply as they come of age, when they should be planning for their future. While a temporary injunction allows those in the program to renew, the court order can be overturned, leaving them in a permanent state of limbo.

Meanwhile, Trump has rejected several bipartisan solutions in Congress that would have protected these young immigrants who were raised here, and instead has chosen to hold them hostage for a harmful border wall and more border agents.

In response, members of the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium are mobilizing to support local Border Dreamers. Organizations such as the Jewish Family Service of San Diego and Catholic Charities, are holding workshops to help DACA recipients renew their status.

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Lilian Serrano, Chair of the San Diego Immigrants Rights Consortium and Community Representative at Alianza Comunitaria released the following statement:

“Young immigrants need urgent, permanent solutions to the crisis created by President Trump without further militarizing border communities like San Diego. The uncertainty of a temporary court injunction will lead some not to renew out of fear about what will happen to them if those injunctions are lifted. Permanent solutions will allow Dreamers to invest in themselves, and their employers in them, with confidence about the future.

Congress now has an opportunity to show us -- their constituents -- that they are listening to us. On March 23, Members of Congress have the option to include a permanent solution for Dreamers as part of the must-pass spending bill for FY 2018. The spending bill proposed by Trump does not include protections for Dreamers, and instead includes an astounding $21.5 billion to fund a harmful border wall, hire more border agents, and build more jail beds and prisons to lock up and deport Dreamers and their families.

Our communities are some of the safest in this country and do not need increased militarization. SDIRC will continue to organize and inform young immigrants, members of the community and Members of Congress about the significant impact Border Dreamers have in border communities and in this country.”

Itzel Guillen, Border Dreamer and Immigration Integration Manager at Alliance San Diego, released the following statement:

“A temporary injunction is a Band-aid for a wound that requires well-thought-out care and solutions. For months, we (Border Dreamers) have been living in fear and uncertainty while this administration has dangled our freedom, our safety, and our protections. We are not bargaining chips, we are not pawns and our lives should not be toyed with. It is unfathomable that this administration thinks that we will sit idly while they further militarize our communities. We need common sense policies that revitalize our communities. Permanent solutions are necessary so that we can invest in ourselves and our communities.”

DACA renewal workshops

Jewish Family Service of San Diego

What: Renewal workshops for DACA recipients

When: Ongoing, email [email protected] to request an appointment

Where: 8788 Balboa Avenue, San Diego, CA 92123

Catholic Charities

What: Renewal workshops for DACA recipients

When: Ongoing, call (619) 287-1260 or send an email to [email protected] to request an appointment


About San Diego Immigration Rights Consortium  

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