Trump’s Muslim Ban Expansion Further Targets Immigrant Communities

SAN DIEGO, CA — The Trump Administration continues its assault on immigrant communities with an expansion to the travel ban often referred to as the ‘Muslim Ban’. The Muslim Ban was first issued as an Executive Order in the first days of Trump’s presidency, in an attempt to instiutionalize Trump’s hateful and discriminatory rhetoric for cheap political gain. 

Coming mere days after the supreme court decision to allow Trump to move forward with his wealth-test known as ‘Public Charge’, the Muslim Ban expansion bans six countries — most of them Muslim-majority — including Nigeria, Eritriea and Myanmar. 

The ban is expected to go into effect on February 22.

Lilian Serrano, chair of the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium and human rights organizer with Alianza Comunitaria, issued the following statement: 

“Trump’s racist, xenophobic, hateful policies are a threatening to tear apart the diverse fabric of our nation. The first Muslim ban separated thousands of people from their families under the false pretext of security. By expanding the Muslim ban, it’s clear that Trump doesn’t care how many families suffer in his attempt to gain political points in an election year. 

San Diego is a diverse region that has a long history of welcoming immigrants and refugees. As San Diegans, we will continue to stand United in rejecting this expanded “travel” ban. Our values of hope, opportunity and welcoming will always be stronger than Trump’s hate.”

About the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium

The San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium is a project of Alliance San Diego. Since 2007, community, faith, labor, and legal organizations have come together as the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium (SDIRC). Through SDIRC, these organizations are pursuing four common goals: support comprehensive immigration reform; stop the spread of local policies and practices that target and violate the civil and human rights of immigrants; educate immigrants, and educate the public about the important contributions of immigrants. More at: